PARK SL 210.50


PARK SL 210.50


The PARK SL 210.50 joint is very popular due to its appealing aesthetics. This system is highly regarded by our customers for its efficiency, reliability and affordability. In addition the long term warranty for this system has made it sought after – especially for parking lots requiring immediate refurbishment.The PARK SL 210.50 system has successfully undergone a variety of aging and durability tests to prove reliability and effectiveness. The system is resistant to aggressive chemicals (ie. gasoline, petrol & diesel fuels, oils and lubricants), UV rays and extreme external conditions. The Joint meets the class E fire resistance requirements in accordance with the PN-EN 13501-1 standard, which requires that products are capable of resisting (for a short period of time) the influence of a small flame without considerably spreading it.


SL 210.50 N

SL 210.50 W

SL 210.50 CV

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